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Written To Become The First Animated Movie About An African American Princess



 Ida Malone Jackson

“This book has been a process of love and commitment.”


For many years, I complained that the major producer of animated fairy tales had not produced a movie about African American girls and boys.  When one was finally done, it was not an animated version.  It was a re-make of a traditional fairy tale, and did not speak directly to the culture and attitudes which surrounded my daughters.


Finally, it was as if the Lord said “Stop complaining and write your own story!”  And so, in 1999, Princess BranDan was born with her own fairy tale storyline and named for my grand-niece BranDan (pronounced “Bran Dan”).


I am most pleased that Princess BranDan is a story which will appeal to all young people, regardless of race or culture, for it is a story about the prince and princess in all of our children.  I wanted it to be not only a highly entertaining book; but, one which would reinforce the core values that young people so desperately need in order to grow and mature into caring and responsible adults.


Writing this book has been a process of love and commitment.  It has inspired me to write the Princess BranDan Play, Songs, and Literary unit.  I trust that everyone who reads this book or sees the movie or play will reap something positive that they can use in their lives.