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Rearing Our Own To Succeed
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The Princess Brandan Literary Unit (Standard and Biblical) is:

  • An excellent teaching resource for all kinds of character building venues:public, private, charter
  • and home schools, libraries, scout leaders, churches, and etc.
  • It is vocabulary rich—Ideal for youths (boys and girls) ages 9 —17.
  • A dynamic tool for promoting life skills and assisting students in applying what they have learned to their own lives.
  • Designed to be used as a guide to motivate and direct students in lively discussions about the book.
  • Great for use in a literary circle.

The unit comes in a vinyl notebook with page dividers for easy access and includes:

  • A Princess Brandan Chapter Storybook (16 Chapters)
  • 60 page literature unit
  • Answer key
  • 500 + word glossary of storybook terms

A new and exciting game to compliment our literary units.  The objective of the game is to encourage and assist students in learning how to spell, know the meaning of words, and have fun doing it!

   The game is designed to:


· enhance students’ vocabularies through hands-on interaction with other students.


· instill a desire to be competitive and develop good sportsmanship in their competitive drive.


· learn how to be assertive in  using and organizing available resources to achieve a goal.


· experience recall and word recognition—Princess BranDan and The Majestic Waters chapter story book.


· Learn how to response appropriately in daily communications.


· Provide group study opportunities to develop team building and leadership skills—working together towards a common goal.