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Rearing Our Own To Succeed
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Aspiring Pat-Rice (Patrice) is a little girl who has vision. She is a dreamer and knows that someday her dreams will come true. She doesn’t limit herself to one or two choices in life because she sees herself as having the potential of doing anything she sets her mind to do. Pat-Rice is every little girl who dares to dream of becoming all that she wants to be!


The Horrible Creatures Inside

LaRhonda Jackson, Illustrator age 7

The Horrible Creatures Inside is a funny story about seven year old Meredith and how curiosity got the best of her one day. She goes on an adventure at the new neighbor’s house and finds out that curiosity may not kill the cat, but it certainly can make a person sick!




Nothing unusual happened as he was growing until he was 12 years old.His father, mother, sister, brother, and he were out for a Sunday drive in the country when a dog ran in front of the car.His father swerved to miss the dog and the car veered out of control and turned over.Everyone was pinned inside and screaming for help.Suddenly, Anduwan appeared outside of the car and told everyone it would be okay.Then he lifted the car with super human strength and saved his family’s life, ncluding himself. “Who was that boy and where did he go!” shouted his father in amazement.

It was at that very moment when Anduwan realized that he had been given a special gift from God. He didn't know exactly how he did what he had done, but he somehow knew that God would reveal it to him one day. Although he knew that it was he who was outside of the car, he did not look like himself. He simply acceepted that the Lord had chosen him to receive a special power. How he was to use it, only God knew