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Rearing Our Own To Succeed
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 The Princess BranDan Family Musical Stage Play  was first performed in Decatur, Georgia in May 2011 at the Porter Sanford III Performance Arts and Community Center.  It received rave reviews from those in attendance.  It was supported by the members of Salvation And Deliverance Church in Norcross, Georgia,  under the leadership of Bishop D.A. Williams.  The cast of 10 rendered outstanding performances in acting, singing, and dancing.  They were very capable in assuming duel roles with ease.


The producer of the play is currently is the process of securing funds to present a second performance in the Dallas, Texas area. 



Supporters of the play are seeking to give our young people hope for the future and to demonstrate that their futures are right now and to communicate to them that it’s okay to read, write, and speak intelligently;  to have good manners and be respectful of others and themselves.  There are too many movies where our children are frustrated with no hope in sight.  We need to send a new message—a message which focuses on the good and the positive. 

They can feel good about themselves and the society in which they live.  They can feel a sense of equality when it comes to seeing themselves on television and in the movies.  When we begin to work together to demonstrate to them that what they become, do, and say is important to us, they will know for certain, that they will not have to take a back seat to any other children in this nation again.  They will know that they are loved and protected.  When they can look at a movie or play and say “That’s me up there!  I’m a princess/prince too!” then we’ll know that we’re on the right track.

Our goal is to make “The Community Circle” a living example for others to follow and to establish its principles throughout this nation.  Our objective is to bring the African American/Black community together again socially and financially, and to reclaim our children.