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Rearing Our Own To Succeed
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The key to implementing The Community Circle is to develop and manufacture our own unique PRODUCTS.  These products must be ones that are needed and can be used by our communities.

~  The Community Circle  ~
 Supporters of the Princess BranDan Concept (SPBConcept)
  1. Promoting educational awareness through reading for enjoyment (The Princess BranDan Chapter Story Book and The Princess BranDan Storybook—for ages 8 and under), - THE PRODUCT.

  2. Promoting educational awareness through curriculum development with emphasis on culturally diverse basic literary knowledge and skills (Princess BranDan Literary Unit w/Vocabulary Game), - THE PRODUCT

  3. Providing quality family entertainmentThe Princess BranDan Musical Stage Play; and, - THE PRODUCT

  4. Investing in the human capital (Giving back a great portion of the net profits to the community via grants to individuals and non-profit organizations in education, the arts, and community development corporations). -THE FRUIT OF THE PRODUCT

 Community Self-Sufficiency and Financial Independency
"We cannot think of uniting with others, until after we have first united among ourselves. 
We cannot think of being acceptable to others until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves" - Malcolm X

Links to Our Community Circles Nation-wide.  These links are not affiliated with ROOTS, but have been identified by ROOTS as agencies endeavoring to advance the same community and educational concepts as ROOTS' "The Community Circle."  When we support each other, the circle will never end!




  Every girl is beautiful.